Designed with the tarot curious and journaling enthusiast in mind, The Harmony Circle is a tarot planner for people to reflect and connect with their favorite tarot deck—regardless of experience level. This PDF file can be printed out or imported into apps like Noteability and is a great tool for starting your tarot practice and honing your tarot card reading skills.

The Harmony Circle is a joint effort between KillerpancakeSora Sky Messages, a tarot illustrator and intuitive tarot reader respectively. 

Buy it here: https://killerpancakeillustration.com/products/the-harmony-project-a-tarot-planner

This journal is designed to help you learn to read Tarot or to further connect with the Tarot in general or any deck in specific. It is also a great way to connect further with yourself. Includes a page for each of the 78 cards as well as various spreads and reflection pages so that you can explore what each card means to you and practice reading for yourself and others. There are also some exercises to understand why tarot readings look the way they do. Lastly, this journal gives you exclusive access to a facebook group run by Sora, who teaches you about the cards and offers further exercises, information, and support.