One hour/ $70

Past Life Reading



These are the three most popular readings. Others are available, contact for more information.

Here we look at the past life that is most influencing you at the moment. How is it affecting you and how can we use this information to heal and grow? It is a two part reading, starting with cards and ending with the picture of that life and what was so important that your soul could not let go. There are two types as shown below.

​1. Past Life Influences:

Here we look at which one of your past lives is influencing you the most and how. This can give you insights as to why you run into the same situations over and over again and help to change direction or push forward on your path.

2. Past Life Connections Readings, we look at a shared past life between two people. This is only recommended for those connections where you feel as though you’ve known this person for longer than you have and is not limited to romantic connections. We look at karmic ties and how to understand these moving forward.


Year Ahead Readings (Birthday, Anniversary, etc.)

One hour/$70

​These are great whenever you are coming upon a yearly milestone or about to embark on something big and longterm.

A light overview of what you can look forward to for the year ahead. We look at themes, potential opportunities, and potential obstacles. You cannot tell the future with cards, as the future has infinite possibilities, and your choices have a big influence in that outcome.)


Custom Readings

30-60 minutes/ $35-$70

Custom Tarot or Oracle spread for you and your situation. It is ideal if you can contact ahead of time so there is time to put together a special spread for you. Custom readings allow us to ask specific questions about the situation.


Mini Readings are perfect for someone who wants a taste of the tarot. They are also great for someone who does not have a lot of time. Examples include any spreads that are put together for social media or a situation/obstacle/next step type of reading. Contact for more options here. 10 minute readings are $15 and 15 minutes are $18

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