Sky Messages

By Sora the Intuitive

Mission Statement

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

To the great disappointment of many, I will not predict or show you your future. I will only show you what possibilities and obstacles it may contain so that you may look out for them. Guidance not marching orders. I know this is so frustrating for some people. They want exacts. But I can't provide that. For several reasons. I wanted to take this first blog post to explain why.

  1. It's not guarenteed. If your future were written out minute by minute, what would be the point of it?

  2. Free Will! Ok so there are planned points, at least planned probabilities. But at any moment you, or anyone else involved, could decide to go in another direction. That shifts all of the possibilities.

  3. Influence. "knowing" the future could affect it.

  • Beware the soothsayer. Remember that in most myths or stories where the destiny is laid out and no matter what the hero does to avoid it, their destiny occurs? How much of that is because of what they do to avoid it? My go to for this is Oedipus but there are so so many.

  • Back to free will. I tell you something is going to happen so you don't take what appears to be the opposite path, but you otherwise would have.

  • Continuing with free will. I tell you exactly what to do. You do it. In that way, I feel that I could inadvertantly take away your decision. So when my readings are spot on in the past and present but I tell you what "may" be. That is why.

Until next time,


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