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Sora and Intuitive Tarot Readings

Hello, I am Sora, a generational intuitive Tarot reader. What that means is I was brought up with tarot cards and I read them in the ways that they speak to me.


What is an inutitive reading? With intuitive readings, the answers go beyond the cards and into the use of the 'clairs' or extra senses. The guidance comes from the tools as well as spirit.

I also offer classes on reading tarot for yourself or other people, including a basics class that is offered quarterly or by arrangement with a group. Private classes and mentorships are also available. Course Catalog coming soon!


"I am always fascinated when Sora gives me a reading, it's like telling a story, discovering new things and confirming current ones. A lighted and beautiful energy. Insightful and professional. she is one of the few spirituals/card readers that knows how to manage a conversation. I def recommend her <3 Thank you S."

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